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06 Jan, 2009

Another Fanart

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Aiba Masaki fanart from Kiiroi Namida
fullview: LINK
deviantart: LINK

05 Dec, 2008

RIP(fixed) and another fanart

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Yes may my computer rest in peace… It choked and died on me D: so until I get someone to look at I’ll be stealing my sister’s comp if she’s not on it TT_TT  my fileeeeeeeeeeeeeees damn I hope my files can still be retrieved @_@ I fixed it…but I still need a new machine…this has taken a beating already >_>


did this as a fanart for Ohno Satoshi’s Birthday last Nov. 26 <3

Lol @ the costume but interesting to draw

fullview: HERE
devart : HERE

in case some leecher visits this…Do not use the artwork for anything without my permission and especially do not claim as your own :D

21 Nov, 2008

Kiiroi Namida Fanart

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movie: Kiiroi Namida
subject: ‘Arashi’ - Sakurai Sho, Ohno Satoshi, Ninomiya Kazunari, Aiba Masaki, Matsumoto Jun

© J-storm

Tools: SAI + PS7 + graphire 3

reminder: please do not use artwork without my permission :]

fullview : HERE
or view it at deviantart: HERE (shameless plugging here xD)

reminder: please do not use artwork without my permission :]
and thanks to Pinkmonkeee’s watercolor tutorial for my color inspiration <3

17 Nov, 2008


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Photoshop 7 and  Wacom Graphire 3
Ref    : earlier stages

fullview: HERE

14 Nov, 2008

Ohno Fanart :D

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Sorry for being a fangirl…but you can’t deny they’re giving me positive influence since I’m being productive xD I might edit the last image some parts are off (well in the first one too haha) depends when I’m too lazy

click image to fullview

03 Oct, 2008

Amatsukaze/Riida Wallpaper

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Ohno Satoshi
Scan Credit:
I’m not sure but i think I got it from SUNRISECANDY
Do not claim as your own and tell me if you took it :D

widescreen: here
normal : here
1280 x 1024: here

I’ve always wanted to wall Riida but I can’t seem to find the right image…then I remembered “WHOA! AMATSUKAZE SCANS!” then ran to my Riida-Love-Shrine-Folder *ahem* I mean my Ohno Folder and made this (maaaaan hawt scan!)

28 Sep, 2008


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The eSPIN Personality Test
My Result: Class Clown
The eSPIN Personality Test
Take This Quiz!
If you haven’t taken the eSPIN personality quiz, you still don’t have a personality.

Result: Class Clown

You’re not really wild, or a rebel, per se, but you do like to stand out from the crowd, and you love being the center of attention. That, plus your great sense of humor, makes you a quality addition to anyone’s buddy list. Oh, and did we mention? You’re pretty kind-hearted.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt to take things seriously sometimes. Like, for instance, your feelings. Be true to yourself and don’t be afraid to make yourself vulnerable. It’s scary sometimes, but it’ll make you a stronger person.

“you do like to stand out from the crowd, and you love being the center of attention.”


04 Sep, 2008

A Happy Girl

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And it’s all thanks to my awesomepants buddeh Misuchi! YOU RAWK!

it started with her promising to burn me a bajillion animes xD  she spent years thinking of what to burn and sadly arrived with nothing. Then one day we got to talking about this promise and unsent gifts (LOL) and i said you know what’s the best present evar? she said “what?” and i said “ohno satoshi’s art photobook” and she just decided then and there to get it for me o_o if you’re interested..yes she’s loaded because she’s a lady who spends her time doing part-time jobs and just basically horde money *runs from misu*

Then the package arrived and i was pretty much ready to squeal from excitement of getting my hands on the artbook at long last lol and then i saw in the receipt thingie that it has 2 things in the box … i went “WHUT IZ THIZ?!” and read “book” and “figure” my mind went “FIGURE? A FIGURE MADE BY OHNO?!” (since ohno makes clay/resin figures) and that was pretty much wishful thinking in my part xD I doubt ohno would have his figures available online in HMV Japan xD so in haste I opened the package and VOILA! i see a revoltech figure of YOTSUBA! She’s my favorite manga character eveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer o_o seriously she’s cute/funny/innocent/weird/mischievous/insane rolled into one 2d body xD! The figure comes with another set of hands, a watergun (if you’ve read the manga you know why that watergun is precious xD) a popsicle and another head with a different expression, her evil angry stare, yotsuba with movable joints is THE BEST!

As the title says…I’m a very happy girl xD~

here are pics of my most prized possesions to date :’D (click images to fullview):

Yotsuba guarding Ohno with her angry face on xD

Freestyle Art Photobook (sorry i just took photos parts of the book with his pics in it >xD)

OK FINE! I’m gonna show some samples of his work (features his drawings/paintings/claywork/photography)>xD although the claywork and photography was combined into one *refers to last pic*

scans credit to Aibakaland


15 Jul, 2008

Maou Wallpapers

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only 1280 x 1024 because i messed up and saved and closed the file at the wrong time xD

1600 x 1200

for 1280 x 1024: CLICK

2 different photos that I combined together. I could make this wall smoother looking but i like the kinda dirty look it had when i added a texture, kinda lends ‘em a “maou” look xD

credit: Scans were from : Yuckie-chan in LJ

the usual, do not claim as your own :] AND DO NOT HOTLINK!!!!!!!

05 Jul, 2008

Maou - The Pilot Episode

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First, forgive me for the long post…I’m just so excited about this =] and I didn’t want to use the “more” tag xD

All the japanese dorama I’ve watched are always lighthearted, Maou is nothing like that. This is about revenge, pain, passion more on intensity than sensual (lol) and dirty pasts. It sure is refreshing, that may sound weird but it is if you’ve been watching the usual popular j-drama xD

So i just finished watching the first episode (raw)…and all I can say is WOW o_o Most people I know knows I’m Ohno’s fangirl who is one of the 2 lead actors in this series but seriously even if I were not a crazy fangirl I would still go WOW the series is just awesome.

The acting is superb from all the casts ‘cept maybe for the lead actress who is kinda overshadowed by the 2 intense lead actors..but still not something to look down on xD

The direction and editing are great too! The way they pieced the scenes together was wonderfully done, the cinematography was awesome at conveying the emotions of the characters…the way they show contrast great. For example there was a scene where the girl (lead actress) who is a clairvoyant mentioned how she felt when she touched Naruse Ryo’s (ohno) letter to Serizawa Naoto (ikuta) that the writer felt like he has no heart, then the scene goes to Ryo crying at the place his brother got murdered while holding the broken harmonica he gave his brother for a birthday gift when they were young.

As for the music, the musical score is really well done too. The right kind of music plays at the right time and did i mention? the OP was sang by Arashi and has a lot of Ohno solos and it’s different from their usual pop songs this sounds dark and fast paced: if you’re interested to hear it watch this: it’s not out yet so youtube of the OP should do

anyway off to the screenshots of awesomeness xD:

The OP Batch of Win:

Shower Scene >=D

The infamous shower scene to quench the thirst of the ohno fangirls (although i thought this scene was cool not in an eyecandy way but in the general way haha…it’s awesome how he take pains to look decent just to stab ikuta’s face >=D)

1st pic is right before the shower scene that i found creepy in a cool way. That hand would actually shift to a scene where he turns on the shower…:


Other awesome scenes:

Ikuta reenacting the death scene and going insane because he’s remembering his dirty past

And Ohno (a lawyer) smirking because he just “solved” the murder case…that he actually set up to happen… DIABOLICAL! <3

From evil


a very sad lonely man (my favorite scene)


The Diabolical Potato *maniacal laugh*